What is HARApad?

The HARApad is a lightweight computer pad designed to protect your body against the effects of heat and electromagnetic radiation emitted by laptop computers.

The HARApad allows you to enjoy a sturdy surface for your laptop while relaxing on the couch or on the go. The HARApad not only protects your body from electromagnetic radiation, it prevents overheating while your computer is on your lap. The HARApad’s flat surface allows your laptop’s own dissipation channels to permit air to freely flow out of the computer.
How does it work?
The HARApad uses lead and tungsten-free, military-grade electromagnetic radiation shielding to attract the extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation emitted by laptop computers. The shielding creates a path of least resistance for the radiation to travel, allowing it to flow through the HARApad, instead of your body, and then back to the laptop to complete the path away from your body.
Learn more about electromagnetic radiation, the dangers of laptop heat and why you need a HARApad on our Why HARApad? page. For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQs page.

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HARApad Elite
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HARApad Elite

HARApad Elite - Blocks nearly 100% of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Available in 4 sizes and 4 colors.

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"According to Dr. Neil Cherry, EMR exposure reduces the body's production of melatonin, a compound that fights to reduce free radicals which in the body play a role in the formation of brain disorders like Alzheimer's Disease."